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Improve Your Game with Sports Vision Testing and Treatment

You can have the fittest, strongest, and fastest body, and in most sports, none of that will do you any good if you are missing these key factors: The ability to clearly see what's going on and react to it with agility. In fact, these attributes are so important that eye doctors in Phoenix offer testing and treatment specifically for what they refer to as sports vision. These tests and treatments go beyond testing your basic visual acuity and address things like how well you can detect contrast and how fast you can accurately respond to visual stimuli.

sports vision from our eye doctors in phoenix

Testing Sports Vision

The first part of a sports vision test is your basic chart-based vision check. After all, if everything is a blur, it's no wonder if you can't see a ball in the air. This sort of problem is known as "refractive error," and is corrected with glasses or contacts. Eye doctors say that many young athletes have this problem and that it went undetected until their sports vision test.

Next, you're tested for your ability to see the contrast. If you can see a baseball when it's on the ground, but it seems to disappear once it's in the air, you probably have a problem here.

Depth perception is another important part of sports vision testing. If you can see the ball, but can't tell how far away it is, your problem lies here.

Other testing, such as the determination of which eye is dominant, whether your eyes can follow a moving object well, and assessment of hand-eye coordination, is also done.

Correcting Sports Vision Problems

Once you've been tested for visual acuity and gotten any necessary corrective lenses, it's time to correct other problems that were detected by the testing. Contrast-detection problems are usually fixed by giving you specially-tinted lenses that make the needed colors pop out more. Other problems are often solved by specialized eye training.

The specialized training given for sports vision is often referred to as "sports vision therapy." Modern methods usually involve animated computer images that have been made to exercise certain skills, such as visual tracking and eye teaming. Eye teaming refers to the ability of the eyeballs to work together, and it's important for things like depth perception and following motion over long arcs.

These exercises sometimes take the form of video games and other fun activities, but this is just to hold your interest. Rest assured that the "games" have been carefully produced to cause you to practice the skills you're seeking to improve. In today's world, there is no need for this sort of therapy to be boring or seem arduous.

At other times, you'll need to practice with real objects. This lets you get a better feel for their sizes and how they react in the actual air.

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These are just some of the ways test for and treat sports vision. To get an assessment, just call us here at Eye Doctors of Arizona in Phoenix.