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Welcome to Eye Doctors of Arizona. Below you will find information about laser eye surgery with Customvue. We are proud to offer dramatic vision improvements that reduce or eliminate the need for glasses and contact lenses.

Dr. Matthew Heller

Meet Dr. Matthew A. Heller

Dr. Matt is a board-certified Ophthalmologist, licensed to practice medicine in the state of Arizona and certified and experienced in laser eye surgery.

Dr. Matt performs latest in laser vision correction with Customvue. On average patients who undergo laser vision correction with Customvue achieve 20/20 or better in both eyes 94% of the time.

To be a candidate for laser eye surgery you must be:

  • At least 21 years of age
  • No current pregnancy or nursing
  • Stable glasses prescription and vision for at least one year

Is LASIK safe?

Yes. The laser has many safeguards to effectively deliver a safe and high-quality treatment once it has been determined you are a good candidate for treatment. Safety always starts with the preoperative examination. Identifying patients who may encounter problems during their treatment is key to preventing them. Patients who have too much nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism may not be safe to undergo treatment. Some patients have anatomical contraindications to treatment while others have systemic health issues that may interfere with adequate healing. If you are young, healthy, and have a low to moderate glasses prescription you are likely a good candidate and complications are incredibly rare. With modern laser vision correction techniques, surgery is safer than it has ever been.

What is the cost of LASIK with Eye Doctors Of Arizona?

$3900. This includes treatment of both eyes and all postoperative visits for one year. We proudly advertise our price and stand by it as a great value for the quality of treatment we deliver.

Can I have LASIK if I have dry eyes?

Most of the time your dry eye has an identifiable cause and can safely and effectively be treated prior to your procedure. Only your laser eye surgeon can provide details of the extent of the dry eye and when your eyes are safe to proceed with corrective surgery. Rarely, severe cases of dry eye may prevent you from having laser corrective eye surgery.

What are the financial advantages of LASIK?

Laser vision correction has several financial advantages. In addition to saving time and money on glasses exams, glasses, and contact lenses for years to come, it may be tax-deductible medical expense. In addition, LASIK can be paid for with a health savings account and your vision insurance plan may subsidize or give you a cash rebate after having your treatment.