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Eye & Vision Exams with Our Phoenix Ophthalmologist

At Eye Doctors of Arizona, we are your preferred ophthalmologists in Phoenix. It is our goal to give quality comprehensive vision care to you and your entire family. Every family needs an ophthalmologist they can trust. We are that ophthalmology group for you.

Eye & vision exams are a critical part of maintaining your eye health. Come see our ophthalmologist in Phoenix for a comprehensive eye exam; call us today!

You need more than just an optometrist to get the best eye care. Optometrists usually do exams for glasses and contact lenses, and a few basic eye health tests; some of them may provide pre and post-operative care for minor eye surgical procedures, like LASIK. An ophthalmologist, on the other hand, gives comprehensive eye care, focusing on all aspects of your eye health. We can do things optometrists can't do. This includes performing major eye surgery procedures, and treating more complex eye disorders.

The basic part of your visit with our Phoenix ophthalmologists is the eye and vision exam. Here is what we can do for you from the very beginning of your relationship with us.

An Eye and Vision Exam at Your Preferred Eye Doctors in Phoenix

Eye exams in Phoenix are easy when you come to Eye Doctors of Arizona. We take the time to asses your situation very carefully, asking about symptoms, medications, family eye health history, your general health, and more. Only after we compile all of this information at your initial consultation will we begin the physical part of the examination.

That part involves testing your vision to make sure you are seeing things as clearly as you can, and to make sure no eye diseases are present or in their beginning phases before symptoms arise. If we catch these things quickly, and we can as long as you come in for your annual or bi-annual exams, it is much easier to treat or cure them.

Your exam also lets us know if you need glasses or contact lenses, and gives you the proper prescription for you. It's clear vision all the way once you get your prescription from your favorite Phoenix eye doctors.

There's Even More to Phoenix Eye Exams

When we say we do comprehensive eye exams, we mean it. In addition to checking for eye diseases and vision clarity, we also test how well your eye actually does its job. This is done with a series of eye function tests that include:

  • An evaluation of depth perception
  • Testing color vision
  • Testing the strength and abilities of the eye muscles
  • Evaluating the sharpness and accuracy of peripheral vision
  • Evaluating the way your eyes respond to light

These tests make sure your eyes do things like focus, move, and work as a unit as they should. If anything is out of order or not doing its job properly, we can fix it to improve your vision, and/or avoid trouble with your eyes down the road.

What to Do Next: Contact Our Team to Make Your Eye Exam Appointment

Contact us to make an appointment to get your initial evaluation. To learn more about treating eye conditions or for an appointment with Phoenix ophthalmologists, contact us today at 602-257-8280: use Extension 1 for the Downtown Phoenix office or Extension 2 for the North Phoenix location.